Pilot episode of the Musical Melodyian video web series. The robots are 3D-printed and controlled via embedded Arduino microcontrollers reacting to wirelessly transmitted MIDI control messages. These robots are controlled with Lemur, but can also be controlled via any other MIDI controller hardware or software.

3D-printed, Arduino robots and digital monosynths created for the Musical Melodyian project.  Build your own MIDI-controllable Melodyian robot with this nifty Instructable.

Demo of an electronic instrument prototype and progenitor of the Musical Melodyian transmedia project. Various buttons and sensors are embedded beneath its 12 eyes, tongues, and teeth; and they can be configured to output any kind of MIDI message.


The Musical Melodyians are musical aliens who eat music, make music, and travel through space to save the musics of the universe.


I am a creative director, composer, sound designer, robot designer, video editor, and writer for this transmedia production, which encompasses: music, comic books, videos, musical robots, and digital art.  I work in collaboration with co-director and artist, J. Sayuri.


Follow the project website to see more.

Ancient Melodyian video short featuring an early automated stage prototype and its cast of characters in action.

Quick glimpse of the automated miniature theatrical stage lighting system used for the filming of Musical Melodyian videos.



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